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From Monday, 24.04.2023 to Saturday, 06.05.2023.
On Tuesday, May 10, I will be back at the usual opening hours for you.

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Love at first sight


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Your optician service

As a modern and experienced optician, I offer a comprehensive range of services to make sure you leave my shop seeing and looking better. Here, personalised, individual advice goes hand in hand with cutting-edge technology. Glasses, contact lenses and eye tests from one single source.

I’d be delighted to welcome you to my optical shop in Rüschlikon for a non-binding consultation. A friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment await. Let me advise you on all areas of optics.

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Marc Ebnöther, Owner
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Relaxed vision on the computer

We all know the feeling of stinging eyes after a long day of work on the computer. Nowadays, it is difficult to avoid exposure to harmful blue light.

At Augenblick Optik, I can find the ideal lenses for you to protect your eyes from blue light. At Augenblick Opticians, I will find the ideal glasses for you to protect your eyes from blue light. With the new blue light filters, your eyes stay healthy for longer despite extended hours in front of the screen; neck muscles become more relaxed and headaches and insomnia noticeably decrease.

Call me on +41 (0)44 724 0454 for a non-binding consultation.

Polarising lenses

Our eyes are constantly exposed to uncomfortable light, especially outdoors. This can make life particularly difficult for some people when practising certain water or winter sports, such as skiing. Bright reflections on the surface of water or glare from white snow can dazzle the eyes and lead to fatigue.

Polarised lenses from Augenblick Optik Rüschlikon can help here. Polarising lenses from Augenblick Opticians in Rüschlikon can help with this – by absorbing excess light reflections from the field of vision, they enable a much clearer, sharper view.

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